Consumables #88, Reads

Summer reading, as a concept for adults, has started to feel like a little bit of a myth for me. At the beginning of each summer, I am right on the bandwagon with all of the articles, my library colleagues, my friends: summer is here and we are all about to get our read ON. Bathe me in a wash of bookish delights! Let’s do dis! 1-2-3, read! But honestly, I don’t think my reading is seasonal like that. I don’t think I read differently in the summer, let alone more. Maybe it’s because for the past couple of years I haven’t taken any vacations (which is a subject for another time, because I have become one of those pathetic people that never takes days off even though I am privileged enough to have vacation days, which COME ON DUDE, is so dumb on so many levels, and I am spending part of my week this week rectifying that bull-feces by making a bunch of fall plans) so I don’t have vacation books lined up. I don’t know, but I just read at about the same rate as I always do, season to season.

This week, I happened to pick up a book that would qualify as a “beach read” I suppose, although if you asked me to break down what would make something a beach read, I would likely get in an argument with myself and with you, as I am wont to do when thinking about such things because I am delightful in a very special way. I read The One and Only by Emily Giffin, who I had never read before but is well-known for her “chick-lit” cred (and if you want to argue another book term, chick-lit may just make me tear your face off). It was easy to get into right from page one, which was needed after a particularly draining work week. The main character, Shea, is a budding sportswriter, and a risk-taker, and a smarty pants. The fact that the story revolves around Texas football culture was a bit slowgoing for me but I made it through by thinking “Friday Night Lights, just picture everyone as a character in Friday Night Lights.” It only half worked because I really wanted Coach Taylor to show up but he never did. And then, there were two love interests that both had me feeling a little bit icky, each in his own way, which, I’m guessing is not what I was supposed to be getting out of the whole thing. So- Friday NOT Lights plus Double Yuck Lovers equals Maybe Not the Book for Me. I’m thinking I should try another Giffin at some point, since I know people swear by her. This time around, it was football beach read chick lit fail.


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