Sentiments the same but the pair of feet change

This song makes me think about the ways that the things, the people, the feelings, the self- the things that can seem so fixed across time, so solid, can be so ephemeral. It’s so beautiful, so terrible. What do you think of as unchangeable?

Coffee, by Sylvan Esso


  1. I adore this song. (I’m actually seeing them on Friday night! So excited! And, you know, worried that they’ll be terrible live. :/) The unchangeable thing is terrifying to think about. There are relationships that I have that I know are a core part of my life, and that no matter how the details of our relationship might change, at the core, they are an unchangeable presence in my life. But even typing that feels unsafe, like I’m going to jinx it.

    This song also makes me think about my concept of adulthood, and how I’ve come to realize that being a grownup doesn’t make me feel like I know exactly what to do at all times, it’s more that something happens to me, I recognize that I’ve dealt with this before, and I’m able to go forward.

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