Blog reset, maybe, I think

Hey y’all. The blog needs a kick in the pants, is what I am thinking. I have always had a very loosey goosey philosophy about this space. My feeling was that there are so many pressures and constraints around creativity that the blog was a place for me to actively throw all of that out and practice spontaneity, practice being unselfconscious, and practice throwing some words on a screen and not worry about whether they’re any good or not. I had some rules about stuff I wouldn’t write about because they belong to other places in my life, but other than that, anything went. Lately, I have felt less inclined to write, and the length in between posts has gotten bigger than ever before. Part of that is that my time is managed a bit differently than before- I have a lot of plates spinning these days. Part of it is that, because I have so many things going on and so many thoughts in my head, having no constraints on the writing here actually feels overwhelming. I think that for now, I may need some constraints. The loosey goosey has gone out of control, people. When I can write about anything, I want to write about everything, and I get inundated with ideas, and that makes me feel a sort of writerly constipation, and then I just don’t write anything at all. So, I’m going to try something. Maybe I will hate it and we will soon be back to loosey goosey land. But for the next little bit I am going to try writing more about the pop cultures, with life thrown in here and there. I know, that sounds exactly the same as what I have been doing before, but just go with me. I am going to write about books and movies and tv and all that- maybe in smaller chunks to spread it out a bit more, and maybe more often because the name of the dang blog is Pop Culture Librarian so maybe I should be librarianing some pop cultures more regular-like instead of constantly talking about deck-building. On the other hand, when I want to talk about my rando life stories I shall do so, don’t you worry none about that. So basically I am saying that nothing will change to your eye but it will feel like a change to me. Maybe. We’ll see. Maybe I shouldn’t have even said anything. Ah well.


  1. Nothing worse than a blog funk 😦 whatever you have going on around here, I’ll be here reading. Cos I’m loyal like that. Bring on the pop culturals. And I totally don’t mind if you talk about decking either, just sayin’…

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