Last weekend I spent a day with my friend Kristen. We decided to head over to the Seattle Asian Art Museum to see their Japanese Art Deco exhibit (complete gorgina!) plus I was excited to lay my eyebeams on their Ai Wei Wei piece. After taking that in, we hung out in the park there all day. You guys, what is better than a bustling but still bucolic city park? It is the best. We sat in the grass, we strolled by not one but two weddings, we walked through a dahlia garden, we stopped in to a free outdoor Shakespeare play, we sat next to a painted piano that was being played by a redheaded teen who smiled at us while he banged out Rihanna songs, we visited the koi in the ponds, we strolled to a nearby bookstore/cafe for lunch, and then we walked back to the park to find a movie shot being set up with a full on Back to the Future DeLorean car (with a flux capacitor installed inside and everything). It was like everywhere we looked, it was all happening. So good.

There are so many things happening in my life right now, from big things (job stuff for both Nordic Boy and me, both of which shall remain in a shroud of mystery in accordance to my blog policies) to medium things (deck building is happening all speedy like but that shit is hard work) to little things (family! friends! taking care of them and them me!). I try to be sure that the fullness of my life doesn’t feel like “being busy.” To me, to describe my life as busy gives up too much of my own agency in prioritizing the shit I need to own– people who say they are busy don’t seem happy about it, on the whole, plus describing oneself as busy seems puffed up with a little touch of martyrdom that I need to stay away from in my own head–so let’s just say that my days feel really action-packed, bustling, engorged (ew! I wanted to gross you out there, did it work?), but there’s a serenity underneath all of it too, somehow. So, on the one hand, my dance card is precariously overfull. But the thing about dance cards is that all that they’re full with, is dancing.

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  1. That second paragraph hit home like woah. (And that last thought should be trending on tumblr with a cool font and a picturesque background :D) Busy always feels like it’s being done *to* you, against your will. But I choose to seek out opportunities to be around people and be in the world.

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