Mid August Mix

I forgot about you this week, dear blog! Oops. Let’s just sum up the week via potpourri thoughts.

A lot of friends of mine had birthdays this week, so there was a lot of celebrating. I went to a bar that was so dark and whose deejay was playing music so loud that the effort involved in trying to talk to our friends was sort of more than Nordic Boy and I could handle. HOW ARE YOU??? … WHAT???…I SAID, HOWW ARE YOUUUUU?…WHAT????…IS THAT JENNY OVER THERE?…I CAN’T SEE, I AM NOT SURE!!!…WHAT???  Places that are that loud that do not have a dance floor (because, really, what are you going to do in an environment like that other than dance) make no sense to me at all. A second birthday hang out was at another bar that had skeeball. I have not played skeeball in some time, but I shall tell you that my strategy is to whip that shit as hard as I can in order to bounce it up to 100-point-hole levels. This is not the greatest strategy, and maybe a bit dangerous as things can get whipped right off the lane, but I am committed.

Many people in my life have been taking vacations and trips right about now, including my mom, sister, nieces, and nephews who have been on a month-long trip to New Zealand and Fiji to visit relatives. For the first couple of weeks I was genuinely just excited for them. Now, I have pretty much moved into Waves of Embittered Jealousy. I haven’t taken a trip– even just a weekend away somewhere– for a long time. Well, there was Vegas, I guess. Still, I need to bust out of this popsicle stand this year to somewhere non-work-related. It is now written so now it shall be done, as Yul Brynner/Rameses would say.

I have been feeling like I need to step up my fashion game lately. Therefore I have started doing Outfit of the Day on Instagram so’s I can be inspired. You should go do it too so I can peep you and help me get back to my fashion-excitable self.

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