Hecka Decka

Weekend #2 of working on the deck is complete, and we now have 90% of the framing (our deck’s foundational garment) done! This dude of mine is on FUEGO, people. The level of excitement on my part cannot be overstated. On a zero-to-ten scale of amped I am running at a solid and annoying ten. The only people who may be more excited about this event may be our neighbors. There is nothing that will make you understand how jank ass your yard is than fixing it up and watching how badly your neighbors want to hug you and possibly cry with happiness. This is the secret to being perceived as successful, perhaps. Just set expectations way, way, deep down into the toilet hole for a long period of time, and then do something, anything productive, and people will give you a standing ovation.

In other yard news, the grass that we planted is coming in like a thick Trumpian combover, so we bought the very first lawnmower of our lives. There are certain material things that will make you feel like an honest-to-Maude grownup (the first time you have a dishwasher or a washer/dryer on your own premises are two big ones) and to me, a lawnmower is one of them. Granted, we got a teensy bitsy electric battery powered mower that pretty much looks like it was made by Fisher Price, but for our teensy bitsy yard that’s all we really need. Despite the toy-ishness of the mower, it feels like the motheryucking Cleavers up in here.

I can’t wait for this to be done so that I can show you guys!


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