Consumables #87

Let’s talk about TV!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
You guys, I have been on this total bender for the past month where I am watching all of the shows of all of the seasons of Kardashianland, straight through. I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS AND NO ONE TO SHARE THEM WITH AND IT IS KILLING ME. Also, the What Kardashian Are You quiz says I am a total Kourtney and I ALSO NEED TO DISCUSS THIS BECAUSE I THINK THIS MIGHT BE RIGHT. I also need to tell you that there have been several episodes that have made me cry. But also then there are the ones where I am severely disgusted. Then I start thinking about feminism and sometimes I am like NO, OF COURSE NOT and then I swear to you something transgressive will happen, like for reals. I MEAN WHAT IS HAPPENING. IDK. I need a support group.

The Bridge
I’m about half way into the first season and although I am getting truly, deeply, madly bored with serial killer shows (honestly, can we have a mystery without a serial killer anymore? Let’s mix it up, people), this one is less about the serial killer stuff so far and more about lots of other interesting things like border politics so I’m still in.

The Leftovers
I have only watched the first episode of this one and although I know what it’s about because I read the book when it came out and liked it, I am not sure if I am in on this one yet. Plus, someone (I wish I could remember who so I can give them a good flick to the back of the head) ruined any Justin Theroux hotness feelings for me by pointing out that he sort of looks like a sexy Bob Saget. AND NOW I PASS THAT GEM ONTO YOU. You’re welcome.

Going Deep with David Rees
We pretty much love this show and burned through them all in a couple of sittings. David Rees takes mundane things (lighting a match, digging a hole, tying a shoelace) and gets all into how these things work and the best way to do them. He introduced me to a concept called “Cold Stupid” while talking to a scientist who studies ice, which has explained a lot of my life to me, because I think I have the Cold Stupids about 80% of the time.

That’s it, teevee people. Good evensong to thee.

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