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The things I know about boating are not a lot. Sure, I was once a boating professional (I worked at a stinky canoe rental facility where patrons often got tipsy, both in the boozy Suzy sense as well as the flipsy into the water sense, and part of my job was to ride out into the lake on a decrepit motor boat and rescue people. It was low-rent Baywatch), but that did not really teach me much about boating. Narrow down the nautical category to sailing, and I know even less. I know it is something that the Kennedys did, which made their already fluffy hair look even more perfectly fluffy. I know that Tommy Hilfiger wants to sell all of us that fluffy hair feeling with his clothings. I know Rachel yelled at Joey about sailing and made it super not fun. I know Robert Redford in All is Lost had day after day of crushing tedium and disappointment because of sailing. I am just saying that if what I have seen in the brochure of pop culture about sailing is true, then I am not all about sailing.


I have discovered the secret of sailing! The secret of sailing is: you have a pal that loves sailing! You do not need to know why. All you need to know is that they love it, and are really good at it, and THEY INVITE YOU TO WITNESS THE SAILING. And then, oh my lordy drinking a forty, SAILING IS THE BOMB.

Last night, Nordic Boy and I were invited to tool around on Lake Washington by our lovely pal on her sailboat. It was 80 degrees, the sky was blue, the water was sparkly, the mountains were out. OMG. It was heaven. We sailed across the water to the side of the lake where all the fancy people live (Hi, Bill Gates), we ate sandwiches, we chatted, we laughed about stuff. It was so fun. SOOOOOOOO FUN. Sailing! Who knew Christopher Cross could be so right about something?









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