Decked out

Tis the season for backyard barbecues, cornhole games, and having drinks around fire pits. Hanging out with pals while the sun goes down, watching little ones run around in the grass, I mean: MWAH. It is off the heezy fo sheezy. What is it about eating one’s corn on the cob in the out of doors rather than a few yards away in the regular old in of doors that makes it so much better? I do not know. In the place we lived in before we got our house, we had the jankiest broke down secondhand plastic patio set from Target that we set out in the backyard and as soon as the weather got nice that year, we and our neighbors ate our dinners out there every single solitary night for the whole summer without fail and it was the dog’s bollocks. Don’t know why it’s better, but it just is.

As you know, we have no such place in our stankbucket yard since we moved in and have been so busy with indoor renovating. UNTIL MAYBE NOW. Because a few weeks ago? We cleared and tilled our front yard and now WE HAVE ACTUAL GRASS. WUT. The problem is, though, that the part of our front yard that is grass is dinky. Hardly big enough even for a janky patio set. HOWEVER. Our house sits up from the street. And we have a garage that is street level. And the roof of that garage is just a big, ugly, cement square that takes up pretty much the entire front yard. Like, it’s a BIG square. Almost 600 square feet big. When you look out our front door, you just see an expanse of cement. It has always been our plan to make that big warty square into a kick ass deck someday.


Framing lumber was delivered on Friday. Decking wood will be delivered August 7. OPERATION BADONKA DECK IS IN PHASE ONE. I REPEAT. OPERATION BADONKA DECK IS IN PHASE ONE.


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