And the living is easy



This weekend felt like straight up summer and I loved it. The weather was hot, I had fuck-all for plans, we slept with our windows open, I read a bunch, we worked on the yard, the sunsets were CRAZY pink and purple and red, Mount Rainier was vividly out, it was just gorgeousness from beginning to end. When Seattle is beautiful, it is really, really, superbly beautiful. MWAH!

Part of the fun this weekend was going to a cornhole party. Nordic Boy and I teamed up which was unfortunate for him because my cornhole skills are not the best, so if you are hiring for cornholer skills I am not your lady, but we lost with dignity. Most of the night was spent watching an EPIC match between four of our friends that lasted for so long and was so suspenseful that you’d think we were watching Rear Window or something. Honestly. Hitchcock should have made a film called Rear Cornhole. We cheered, we sat on the edge of our lawn chairs, we held our breath. Who knew that cornhole could be this way?

Anyway. That’s all. We ate, we drank, we sat in the grass, we cornholed, we watched all of the spawn play in the yard. It was lovely. Summer is the best.


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