Now that we are back from our Michigan trip and the Seattle summer has kicked in (our yard dirts are not soggy all the time), we are kicking in our yard project once again. Let me re-cap where we have been with this godforsaken yard. We moved in, and it was all Welcome to the Jungle because no one had touched it in literally 50 years. It did, in the hallowed words of Axel Rose, bring us to our na-na-na-na-knees-knees. We cleaned it up and made it bald. Then we had to dig up everything to replace our side sewer line. Then there were these overgrown trees that could not be salvaged and whose roots were tearing us apart, Lisa, so we had to take them out, which was a whole thing. Then we had to dig up some crazy old remnants of retaining walls in the ground, by hand. Then, we left for Michigan, it rained a bunch and all sorts of vegetation from roots that were still in there sprouted back up and by the time we returned it was so overgrown that we could barely make it to the front door again. YARRRRRRRRRRD WHYYYYYYYY.

So, the next thing that we needed to do is buy a tiller so that we can turn all the soil, break up all the remaining roots, and start preparing to plant some actual grass in there. Which we did, this weekend. And Nordic Boy had tilled up the front yard just like that, lickety split. It was exciting, trust me. Not just because of the progress that was made, but because of the following things that were said yesterday.

1. If we were in a band right now, we would totally call it Till Tuesday.

2. Look at us! A regular Meg and Jennifer Tilly!

3. Tilly! Tilly don’t you lose my number! ‘Cause you’re not anywhere, that I can’t find you!

It is times like these that you should thank the heavens above that you do not live with us.

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