My Surly Punk Rock Phase

Check out this photo that I discovered of myself while I was at my mom’s last week.



This is the baddest ass in the motherfracking west, is it not? Is she not PISSED? Have you ever seen such a punk rock attitude on a little half pint? THE HAIR, DON’T CARE. The pants, THUG LIFE. The zipper, FUCK OFF DO I LOOK LIKE ZIPPING IS IMPORTANT TO MY LIFE? This is the face of someone who wants to give the next knucklehead who looks at her the BEAT DOWN.

I do not know where this was taken. I do not know what the hell I was so mad about. I have lots of photos from my childhood, and it is vastly documented that I was a cheery, smiley, happy child. I do not ever recall seeing a photo of little me looking so bent out of shape. I love it so much.

The day I found this photo was not a good day for me. The day was total garbage, in fact. But I found this photo, it made me chuckle, and so I posted it to Facebook. And then, just a few minutes later? My friend Josh (of Maiden Metallurgist fame) posted this back:

Gritty Foreman (Forebaby) keeps tabs on the workers. She shoves them off if dissatisfied.

And also this:

Batman and Batbaby are so sad. No one understands us so we must go avenge something.

And my personal favorite:

Don and Joan are so happy about the leaves. It’s sad, though, because Surly Baby will soon murder them.

You guys. Such a bad day I was having and this turned it all around. Some days it doesn’t take much.


  1. I love this! I thought the Don and Joan one was the best until I saw the guys on the scaffold! Awesome! Good start to my day with the belly laughs 🙂

  2. Wow, just like that (finger snap) you’re on your way to meme-hood, along with Pepper-Spraying Cop, the Wilhelm Scream and that mad Teuton who tried to take over the world.

  3. I say let’s make it happen. I think Surly Baby “has legs”, as a meme. Isn’t there a website where you can hatch these things? I’z pretty sure there was. I bet your friend Josh knows.

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