Someone please invent a transporter

Friday night, I got home from work around 8pm, ate a hasty dinner of take out pad thai, packed some stuff, slept for a few hours, got up at 3:30 am (why do those cheaper early morning flights seem like such a good idea at reservation time?), flew to Chicago, found out our connection flight was cancelled because the pilot just didn’t show up for work (which, wow, I guess that happens, but the fact that they just balls out told us was surprising), was told that we could not be routed to another flight because one simply did not exist (which, wow again, flat out S.O.L. for us), argued for the airline to give us SOME alternative and finally got them to spring for a rental car, drove two states over to Flint, and now here we are.


The kicker on the lack-of-reroute was that the next day the airline cancelled our return flights, which we wouldn’t have even known about had it not been for Travelocity telling us. When we called the airline to see what was up they were all “your reservation was cancelled because you never showed up for your Chicago-to-Flint flight” and we had to be all “Sucka please. YOU did not show up for that flight.” And they were like “oh yeah.” And re-booked us. We shall see on Sunday whether (a) they actually did rebook us and/or (b) the pilot shows his/her face. At this point there seems room for doubt.

I fear I am veering into Nobody Cares territory, because travel/flight mishap stories belong in the same category as traffic stories and dream stories (and by “category” I mean “garbage pile”) but all of that was to say that I was ready to maybe sit down a minute once I got here.

Thankfully I have had some sit-down time to talk with my mom a lot, and also some running around time as we get a list of projects done for her as well. We’ve yard-worked and auto-mechanic’ed and plumbed and organized and cleaned. We murdered that to-do list and it feels pretty good. It’s sad in this house without my dad, though, which doesn’t feel so hot.

That’s been my week. Next post, I hope will not be about travel logistics. I’m not promising.

Get a load of these two pals.


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