Sometimes I need to shut up.

Well helloooo, friends! Here’s what’s been going on.

I was unexpectedly called upon to talk about something complicated at work this week in front of a lot of people, which is usually ok by me. This time? I had a total deer in headlights situation. It was as if someone had goosed my caboose unexpectedly right as I started to open my mouth to speak. I think I said something along the lines of “homina what now? Oh yes. Well, let me see here. The hipbone’s connected to the buttbone? Or something leads to another? Things related they are? Am I saying words?” It was specTACular. I kind of wanted to take a bow at the end.

Then, on the same day, I went to a different meeting, and someone was talking about something, and like a half hour later, I said, back to this same group of people, the EXACT THING that that someone had said 30 minutes ago, as if I had learned it somewhere else and was letting them in on my vast knowledges. “I can’t remember if I read this somewhere, or where I heard it, but the way the thus-and-so works is…” They all looked at me and nodded politely. It was only much later that I realized that where I heard the thus-and-so was from the nice lady sitting across the table from me, mere minutes before. I AM SO DELIGHTFUL YOU GUYS.

My brain was obviously on strike due to poor management.

I was also sick one day this week and it was the first day where the weather got up to like 80 degrees. It was really not fair at all. I consoled myself by watching the entire first season of Broad City all over again, and then watching Tori and Dean who seem to be having major problems coupled with a need to televise it. I know we are not supposed to feel sympathy for them, I guess? But I do. I felt bad for watching the show. But I also want to see what happens next. This is the moral dilemma in my life, currently. Do I look at Tori and Dean, or do I look away?

There was a cast reunion of Little House on the Prairie people and three separate friends of mine posted the link to it on my Facebook page IMMEDIATELY. It is like people have an alert set for themselves, linking me directly to the Ingalls.

My friend said to me this week that she loves my blog because it’s so funny (aww, shucks!), but her point in telling me that was to additionally point out how truly amazing that is because I am not really that funny in real life. She managed to say that with love. I had to agree that I am better on paper than I am in person. Such is the breaks.

I had this stroke of genius this morning while I was eating my cereal. If Nick Lachey had another kid and named him or her “papier,” it would be Papier Lachey. Is this funny? I thought it was hilarious. I told Nordic Boy and he did not get it. This made me think about what my friend said about my in-person funniness levels. Dammit. Anyone with me though? Anyone? PAPIER LACHEY.

Oh never mind.


  1. Oh god, I’ve been there before. This happened to me during a school visit once. I froze up and then over-corrected and just rambled. It was awful. And I just couldn’t stop talking.

    The Papier Lachey thing made me cackle. Funny lady 🙂

  2. I have totally done that. My lovely friends nicely tell me when I’m telling them something they told me in the first place. It happens when too much info is going in and out of the brain.

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