Oh the lovely out of doors

So after that post I wrote about my sibs and how we are a cliche birth order family? I was watching that written-with-the-sole-purpose-of-making-me-sob tv show Parenthood and I realized they had it just like that on that show. My uber-responsible oldest brother is totally Peter Krause, you guys. My sister? Capable, smart Julia. Brother #2? Charming free spirit Sarah aka Lorelei Gilmore. And that, my friends, leaves me as doofy, semi-arty CROSBY. I am Crosby! I do not want to admit to that but I have to say to myself, in the words of Milli Vanilli, Girl You Know It’s True. Sheeeet. At least in my alternate life I am married to Veronica Mars?

Over the weekend, spring sprung hard. It was so nice I felt a bit stunned the entire time. We celebrated by renting ourselves a big dump truck and filling it to the top with yard waste. TWICE. May I remind you that our yard is the size of a postage stamp? How can we continually rip that much shit out of it? Our property is Jumanji is all I can think. We were so wiped out after that that we ditched our evening plans of going out to a party and conked out by 9:30. Woo, Saturday night!

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed over to the MS Walk to be on our dear friend K’s team. We have done this walk for a few years now and it’s weird how the weather always turns out gorgeous, every year. We walked along the Burke Gilman Trail from the UW Stadium to Gasworks Park and it was just balls out pleasantness. Metaphorically. Rest assured our balls stayed safely in.

Weekend snaps:






  1. The dump truck is the best part. You didn’t just rent a dumpster to be delivered and picked up after you filled it. Nope. You went out and got yourself a big ole, Mike Mulligan, Bob the Builder actual dump truck. Classic.

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