Weekend roundup

Oh weekend, my weekend! You kicked my buttockial region with fun times.

On Friday evening, we went to see the Geneva Ballet. I was unfamiliar with their work but I had high hopes. The music was promising (Bach’s “Well Tempered Clavier” which, come on, not only a good piece of music but the name! I bet that was one of Dr. Frasier Crane’s favorites) which was to be played live on stage with the dancers, which is cool, and I have heard good things about that company. The performance turned out to be…good. Good-ish. Maybe in the neighborhood of OK. Well, let’s just say it was very good in general, but just not good for me, is I think what happened. The style was just not my cup of tea and I shall not bore you with details about why, although I could break it down almost phrase by phrase, just ask Nordic Boy and his sore ears. So that was a bit of a bummer and made me ill tempered in my clavier, if you know what I mean (Groucho face).

Other things we did on Saturday: we went to breakfast, we hit the Seattle Asian Art Museum and then took a long walk around Volunteer Park. It was totally raining on us but no matter, it was quite pleasant. There is something about not fighting the sog, not hunching over to avoid it, but instead putting your face right out there and getting drenched. And I love a big city park, especially when it has big trees, and this one does. Nordic Boy took one look at a major tree and was all “that shit belongs in Fangorn!” and a lady looked over her shoulder at us in order to see the face of the nerd who says such a thing. We also went downtown where we got to see a showing of short films made by teens that was put on by a youth film festival. It was impressive! I had the thought “lookee the youngsters, getting all Orson Wells on it!” which is a thought that automatically gets you an AARP membership card just from thinking it. We checked out this place called Din Tai Fung which is well-known for its awesome food and also its ridiculous wait to get a table, but dudes, it was pretty worth it. Oh, and we also went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel which is a feast for the eyes especially for those of us who enjoy symmetry and things that line up and good font choice and interesting color palettes and suchlike, which, hello, yes, me.

That was Saturday! I mean, come on. We clearly need to calm the hell down.

On Sunday we got up, made pancakes which then propelled us to go outside and rip the everloving caca out of our front yard all day. There was a weird false concrete foundation under the dirt that had to come up before Operation Yard 2014 can really get started, so we busted that out of there. I swear to you, every single time I think “our yard cannot POSSIBLY look any worse than it does right now” we have to go and do something else to it that makes it even more embarrassing. The state of it right now is truly awful. I just have to keep telling myself that we are doing this in order to make it better, but wow. It is really terrible. We closed out the weekend by making a delicious Indian dinner (channa! aloo mutter! bhaji!) and getting our Game of Thrones on.




















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