We laughed, we cried, we hydrated

Now that I have a fancy new blog outfit (hoo doggy I love a new outfit!) I kept waiting all week for something of import to inspire me to write something on it. Now that I am all dressed up, I need to have something TO SAY. But dang if we wait for that to happen I may never write anything ever again. So I shall just give you an update on whatsa haps this week.

The first thing is that Nordic Boy was unloading his truck in the parking lot of his work the other day, and this woman walked by him, around his truck, said hello, got into a car in the parking spot just across from him, backed out and backed right into the front of his truck and MUNCHED IT. Just like that, all la-di-dah, backing out normally, but oh no, not turning, not turning, SMASH. While Nordic Boy just stood there agape. I think she must have just spaced out or something? So we are now the proud owners of a smooshed-face truck. Nordic Boy tried to be mad about it but the way he told that story to me was so funny that it cracked us up. I realize that this is how we deal with a lot of things that make us angry: we tell a funny story about it and crack the other person up, and then both of us crack up. Is this healthy? Or are we sidestepping angry feelings? I thought it was supposed to be sad people that make things funny, you know, tears of a clown and all of that. No one talks about rage of a clown. I guess maybe because that would be terrifying. Anyway, I don’t know if this is a healthy coping strategy or not but at least we are getting some yuks out of things.

You know what didn’t make us laugh? Our taxes. Nordic Boy switched jobs in the middle of last year and oh papi that effed us right up in the Uncle Sam department. We paid more than we ever have before and it HURT ME IN MY INNARDS. I do not have any problem with taxes as a concept and honestly we usually have to pay each year and I have no issues with it but this time it was a bit much. So, just in case you thought we laugh at everything. Hit us hard enough in the pocketbook and not only will I not laugh but I might want to barfy on my scarfy.

In other domestic news, we bought a humidifier for our bedroom because we were waking up feeling all dried up like two sticks of human jerky each morning and methinks it is helping me sleep better. I sort of don’t understand how shit can be so dry when it does nothing but piss buckets of rain all the livelong day and night for months on end, but there you have it.

That’s all I got. How about a song?

Aaliyah, More Than A Woman



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