So fresh and so clean

Hey y’all! I up and moved! As Nordic Boy’s mom likes to say: Move your meat, lose your seat.

I actually do not really know what that saying means, to tell you the god’s honest truth. However, I am moving my meat over to this seat. I will be leaving up my other seat for a bit so I guess I am not losing it, but from now on, check me out over here insteaders. Update your feeds, bookmarks, all like that. I’ll be over here for a spell.

Why the change? THAT IS TOO BORING EVEN FOR ME. Just go with me, ok? I have a fear that no one is going to come over here with me and I will just be over here talking to myself. So come on, my friends. BE THE BLOG CHANGE THAT I HAVE INSTIGATED IN MY WORLD. I believe Gandhi said that.

So let’s see, let’s see, what is there to tell you about. I helped Biogirl pack her shit up over the weekend because she is moving to the burbs. Wait, did I forget to tell you this? BIOGIRL IS BECOMING BIOBURBGIRL. After some blissful years being neighbors with me, she has gone and found herself a solid young man to share a roof with and this roof is not in the city. So to inaugurate this move Nordic Boy and I wrapped up her many, many mugs (if you would like some hot chocolate go to her house in the burbs with all of your extended family because she has enough to have a mug rave) and put them in boxes over the weekend. No more being within hollering distance. Unless I learn to yell louder, which I just might.

The other thing that happened was that I discovered that one is able to sign up for HBO without buying cable. We are not going to even talk about why none of you told me this earlier. No, no, it’s fine, let’s move on. So as of this week I have HBO, which, as the pop culture librarian, you may have thought I already had, but I am the cheapass librarian first, let’s be clear. This means that basically you will find me watching even more tv than I already do. How could that possibly be, you may ask yourself. BREAKING BARRIERS, PEOPLE.

That’s what is up. Good enough for my first post on the shiny new blog? Good enough. I hope you’re still out there, lovelies. I’M OVER HERE! OVER HERE!


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