Here’s what is rattling around the old noggin today.


I am being knocked out by sleep every night this week. Hoo baby. It is delicious. I am hoping it will continue. Perhaps, for the first time since my teens, I am entering a phase of extended good sleepy times? Let us hope.


I am choosing to think that my bad haircut is really my stylist thinking I am such a hipster that she gave me a Normcore cut. Please support me in this theory, won’t you?


There was enough sunshine this week that I got to dust off the old sunglasses. Alert the media!


I did enough chair dancing in my office this week that my chair is in danger of breaking, y’all.


There’s a part of my commute where I hop from the surface streets onto the freeway and the city skyline (and mountains, and water!) just opens up in front of me. This morning it felt really good to smile at my city. Hi, city. You kind of love me, don’t you? I can tell by the way you look at me.


I was at a work thing this week and there was a point where an auditorium full of 4th graders screamed and clapped for their favorite books like it was effing Beatlemania. Can you tell me what is more adorable than that because I don’t think you can.


Calling peanut butter “nut butt” is something that I am not sure I can vote for. I am undecided.


I am not afraid of spiders, heights, or public speaking. I am, however, afraid that I will leave a public bathroom with my skirt tucked into the back of my tights and/or underwear. Is there a name for that phobia?


Have a gorgeous day, my friends. Remember to appreciate your lovely selves. I sure do.

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