High class water closet

It is 90 degrees outside today! I believe I am the only person in all of Seattle that is happy about this. I just want to get out there and BAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE. I know that lyric doesn’t make sense when changed that way, but wheeeee I am sun drunk and so who cares.

Hey, so the other day, Nordic Boy and I drove up to our house and there were FIVE raccoons just chillin’ on our front porch. It was maybe 5pm. Aren’t raccoons supposed to be creatures of the night? Is that not the pact that they have agreed to with us? Nordic Boy and I started up our front stairs, saw the raccoon gang, and we backed our shit up and got back into our car to discuss what the hell we should do next. Do you think we are fraidy cats? I don’t care because raccoons are mothereffing badasses and they will tear you a new crack crater if you mess with them. It took a few minutes but they decided to move along- they paraded down our front stairs, looked us in the face as we sat in our car, and they were all “THUG LIFE” and walked right past us and crossed the street into our neighbor’s yard.

Did I tell you that when I was in Chicago a few months ago, Alli and I were taking an afternoon stroll through her neighborhood and we were walking by these train tracks and we saw a pack of 4 skunks waddling along a few yards away from us? What is with my only seeing smallish wild mammals in packs? Thank goodness the skunks were not startled by us or else they surely would have did that nasty shart-like spray on us or what have you.

I am super well-versed in the ways of nature, can’t you tell? A regular Marlin Perkins.

In other news, we worked on our bathroom this weekend. Want to see?

Here’s what it looked like before we started:

The counter and sink were super low, which I guess was nice only in that I felt like a total giant every time I was in there, and the counter was also built slanting outward so the depth took up all the space in the room. When Nordic Boy and I were in there at the same time, it was squishville. I always felt like we were fighting over the mirror, which when I say it like that makes it seem like we are vain, vain people, pushing each other to the side to gaze lovingly at ourselves. Which, I guess if fighting over the mirror was such a problem, then maybe?

Anyway, so it got ripped out.

Then Nordic Boy put in new insulation, replumbed some stuff, rewired and put in new lights.

 Then we bought a medicine cabinet/mirror that was more suitable for our gigantic pair of faces. There are even mirrors on the inside of it so we can love ourselves even when it’s open. And the storage space! Line up all the things in the cabinet! LINE THEM UP!

 And then there was a new sink and new storage that allows both Nordic Boy and I to be in there at the same time, cozy but not squished:

And finally, new tile, which classed up the joint:

Result: I just want to be in my bathroom all the time. I am considering moving in there.


  1. Gorge bathroom! I'm super jealous. Funny about the weather. It was raining and 60s here, and I was the only person in Laramie happy about it. Seattleite for life!

  2. I love the tile! Lovely bathroom re-do, all around. Totally agree on the weather; I'm probably the only person in Illinois who cried when it went from 95 to 65 degrees in less than 22 hours this week.

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