It’s no secret that in Seattle we get a lot of rain. 99% of the time it’s misty rain, or foggy rain, or drizzly rain, or a steady soggy rain that saturates you to your core, like you’ve never been dry a day in your life. However, rarely do we get what I think of as a Midwest-style late summer downpour, starting with a hot muggy day that ripens into fat, heavy drops that pop out of a weirdly brownish gray sky in the afternoon, and then continues into a full scale thunder and lightning storm at night. I love that kind of rain. It’s loud but somehow soothing at the same time. It makes me want to run outside in it but it also makes me want to hunker down with my dude under a blanket, somehow, both. It’s a sexy rain.

We’re having sexy rain right now. How about a sexy tune to go with it?

Rhye (The Fall)

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