Labor Day Weekend

I adore the first-day-of-school photos that populate my Facebook feed this time of year. They are the best! So much excited cuteness- cute smiles, cute outfits, cute little book bags. To die for. How are all these kids so excited for school? I was never excited for school, unless it was dance school. I remember starting kindergarten and being all “what the FUCK is this dumb sit-in-a-line and nap-on-a-mat bullcrap?” Only without the cusswords, which I did not fully embrace until middle school. By high school I was married to the cussword, until death do us part. Cussword child bride. I remember once, early on in kindergarten- like maybe my first week- I had decided school was for the birds and tried to tantrum my way out of getting on the bus. My mom was not having that shit and physically placed me on the bus and was all BUH-bye and I was off. I should have known- tantrums did not work on my mom. I still tried them every once in a while though. Worth a shot.

This weekend I went to a barbecue where I found out a dear friend of mine is moving away. I am simultaneously really excited for her but pretty much royally bummed with cheese for me. It seems as though I have to have a large majority of beloved pals who are several states away from me, like, as a rule. Frickety frack.

The other thing that happened this weekend was that I got an email, out of the clear blue sky, from a friend that I used to know from my THE-AH-TAH days saying that she’s in town. We had lunch and it was delightful as well as fascinating. She has been living in California growing (medical) marijuana for the past few years and making a freaking fortune off of it. She has now quit the business and is tooling around the country in a car, just doing whatever. So far she has visited Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and was headed to Arizona next. She has no responsibilities, no home (currently anyway), and no plans. She just stays with friends or in hotels and just…whatevers. Like a monied hobo. I know it makes me terribly provincial but it sort of blew my mind a little bit.

That’s whass happenin these days.

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