Week’s Odds and Ends

Brain potpourri, type something fast. GO.

My yard now has a large hole in the front of it, which is covered by some wood planks and an orange cone. We have to remove the big oil tank that is buried in our front yard, you see, so when we get a chance we (ha ha, who am I kidding the “we” means me and Nordic Boy minus me) go out there and dig a little each day. Every time I think our yard cannot get any uglier, I surprise myself. We just keep upping that game! Best neighbors EVAH. The orange cone is really the classy icing on the cake, but I can’t just put boards across the hole. That’s how little kids constantly fell into holes on Little House on the Prairie (Carrie in the well, saved by an alcoholic neighbor, then Nancy in a different well, saved by Little Lou, the incarcerated clown) so if there is one thing I learned from Little House, it’s that you clearly mark holes the ground. Well, that and also that God looks like Ernest Borgnine.

My yard shame caused us to skip going to our annual neighborhood “Night Out” event. I just couldn’t face the neighbors, with their pretty yards. I think I am taking my yard shame a bit too far, what do you think?

I gave out the tiniest of whines the other day and Alli and Map called me up, at the same time, conference call style, and left me a message saying they are buying plane tickets to come visit me for my birthday this year. I mean, seriously. I just gave a small whiff of a whine, and they rallied. Who has friends like this, I ask you? Thankfully, I do.

Nordic Boy, Biogirl, her dude, and I went to the beach for the weekend. I decided I was going to not check email the entire time I was away (um, Nobel Prize committee, are you taking note? THE SACRIFICE). During that time I was notified by the library that all of my requests were about to unsuspend if I didn’t manage the dates on them, and since I didn’t see that email, I returned to all of my holds coming in at the same time. Like, 40 novels, all waiting for me. Lesson: NEVER DON’T CHECK EMAIL. (Somehow I think this is not the lesson I wanted).

Is Robin Thicke cute or gross? I honestly do not know which it is.

When I was at the ocean, it was the first time I had been near the ocean since scattering my Dad’s ashes. I was totally not expecting this, but I fucking bawled. Is going to the ocean ruined for me now? How much would that suck?

Do you speak Hindi? If you do, this tshirt is super funny, and I kind of want one.


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