Peggy Huey Parton

Hey peoples! Random list of thinky thoughts time!

I wore an outfit yesterday that at first made me feel super competent because it looked like something Peggy Olson might wear. Then somehow it morphed into making me feel like a lady Baby Huey instead. How does that happen?

I have a beef with my favorite take out taco place. Twice I have ordered a bean item and they have given me a beef item, which I only discover when I get home. I guess you can say I have a beef beef with them.

I am not much of a crying type lady. Except these days, when I cry like 12 times a day. I know that I won’t always cry this much all the time, but there is a part of me that is worried. What if I stay Crying Lady forever?

Bonus: when I cry really hard? Nordic Boy feels so bad for me he cries too. He is, like, the biggest sympathy crier when it comes to me. We are SO FUN THESE DAYS YOU GUYS.

I saw the new Star Trek movie and someone asked me how it was and I seriously could have talked about it for hours. The parts I liked, the parts I didn’t, the references to the old series, the ways I miss Picard and the gang. But I didn’t. I kept that extreme geekfest to myself. I am a model of nerd restraint. Nerdstraint.

One thing that has happened this super sad month is that my brain has totally shut out the ability to read books. Just, I read the words and nothing goes in. Trouble in librarian land! So, you know what I am doing about it? I have decided to join a group of friends who are reading Infinite Jest this summer. Yep, I can’t seem to be able to understand a 3 page New Yorker article so the obvious thing to do is commit to reading over a thousand pages of complicated weirdo business. Totally makes sense.

I followed up my Peggy/Huey outfit yesterday by wearing an orange doily dress to work today. I kept calling myself Doily Parton. No one seemed to get it. Come on! DOILY PARTON. Anyone? Sigh.

That’s what’s in my brain meats.


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