Recipe for a good month

I saw this birthday card recently that said the following: “Martin Luther King. Jr. gets one day where we celebrate his birthday. So calm down, Birthday Month People.” It sort of cracked me up.

I mention that only because I want to emphasize that I didn’t even set out to be a birthday month person this year, and yet, it just happened. This whole month has been super terrific happy times. These are among the things that have been making it grand.

1. Delium took me to see the Paul Taylor Dance Company who just so happened to be in town. They were so delicious and unitardy. I loved every minute of it.
2. Nordic Boy and I went to a fancypants restaurant and did a million-course tasting menu. The final course was brought out and the waiter explained what it was using not one word that either of us could define. It was also visually indecipherable. “You taste it first and tell me what it is,” I said after the server had gone. Nordic Boy took a big bite and said “Oh, you’ll like it. It tastes like a lemon muffin with Cool Whip!” Really, when eating fancy food you should take Nordic Boy with you for descriptive assistance.
3. Biogirl took me for a road trip down the Oregon coast for a weekend. In the car, she invented what might be the best mash up of all time: Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break” mixed with “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.”
4. My brother took me out to another fancy dinner and regaled me with stories about my nephew who recently, after scoring a goal during one of his soccer games, with no forethought whatsoever, busted out into the Gangnam style dance in joyous celebration which led to all his little friends joining right in. Trust me, I know you don’t know my nephew but this is hysterically adorable.
5. My coworkers made a really big deal about my birthday this year. I know that work-related birthdays are usually cheesy and excruciating but this one felt really genuine. I felt appreciated.
6.  I sent out a blanket invite to a bunch of friends to meet up with me at my local pub for a drink on my actual birthday and it was just the lovliest night. The weather was gorgeous, we sat outside, I got to soak in the awesomeness that is my life, and my friend Kevin actually brought me some Vernor’s so I could indulge my newfound love for the Detroit Cooler.
7. All of my favorite faraway people called me or texted me funny, thoughtful messages. My parents, Alli, her husband Chris who I also adore, Map, Palindrome, my brothers, my cousin R, just my small but steadfast group.
8. I have discovered that there is a thing called a pajancho. Yes, I am taking this fact as a personal birthday present to me. Not the item. The word. Don’t you just want to say it every day of your life? Pajancho, pajancho, pajancho.


  1. yes, i'm definitely going to need a pajancho. not sure where i'd be able to pull off wearing it, but i can figure that out later. so nice you had a great birthday month. šŸ™‚

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