Consumables #68

Oh bloggie! I have plum forgotten about you. It’s been a slow week in news about my life because my job is trying, willfully and spitefully I believe, to kill me, which means I have been heading to bed in the 8pm-9pm range each night of the week.

However, to counteract this, I did go to a dinner party at Biogirl’s house where we sat around a table in the middle of her raised veggie garden beds and I got to know 5 more people than I knew before, and all 5 of them? Frigging delightful. Plus there were two pans of fresh cobbler and mango mojitos. It was one of those perfect summery evenings where the air smells sweet, everyone laughs a lot, and I remember that there are more awesome people out there that I have yet to meet.

That’s all that is new. I am leaving town in the next day or two so mayhaps there will be more adventures ahead. Until then, let’s talk about Consumables, shall we?

The Dark Knight Rises
I kind of think Batman is a bit of a snoozefest at times. I get impatient with all his gravelly angst. However, this time around I had a rip-roaring time of it. I think because really it wasn’t 100% bat stuff.

The Bourne Legacy
The Bourne movies did something that I thought impossible, which is they started to turn my mind around about Matt Damon. I do not propose we get into why I didn’t like his stuff before and I shall not get into why, of all things, Jason Bourne made me change my mind, because frankly my reasoning will not make me look good. (And no, it has nothing to do with levels of hotness or not hotness, because I stand firm on that point regarding him across the years, and that is, if you will allow me to pontificate: ew). Anyway, that has nothing to do with this new movie but I felt the need to unburden myself about Matt Damon. As for this movie, I had several thoughts. One: look at Rachel Weisz getting all actiony! Do you think that Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig have ass-kicking competitions now that they are married? Like, instead of playing cribbage they get in a kick-boxing ring or something? Or at least Wii swordfighting? I want to believe this is true. Two: There is a motorcycle chase that I swear to Evil Kneivel goes on for 6,000 minutes. If you have to go to the bathroom during the movie, that’s a good time to go.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
An animated story about friendship, love, and a man who gives his life to books and the books that give back to him. I admit it, I cried, ok? I ADMIT IT.

Up Heartbreak Hill
This one got me too. Must have been a week for waterworks. This documentary follows the lives of teens from the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico who are on the high school’s long distance running team.

Dumb and Dumber
I had never seen this before. I thought it would be funnier. Why I thought that is really the unanswerable question.

Groundhog Day
Oh Bill Murray, I love how you just play the same thing over and over and yet remain so enjoyable. “Ned? Ned Ryerson?” I love it.

Harper Lee: Hey Boo
Did you know that she was working as a waitress (“in a cocktail bar, that much is true”) and she had these pals that were wealthy and they were all “we believe in your writing talent so here’s a year’s worth of your salary so you can quit your job now go forth and write your hiney off” (totally a direct quote). And she was all “okey dokey smokey” and she then pumped out To Kill a Mockingbird? I know there are many notable things about Harper Lee but I sort of couldn’t get over that one.

Dance Academy

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick
Is it blasphemy to say I liked the movie more? The book is great too, but so much of it deals with films and filmmaking that I thought that was better told as a movie. The illustrations in the book are not told in comic-like panels or anything, but they do sort of function like a storyboard, which is pretty cool.

The Emerald Atlas, by John Stephens
You’ve got orphans, you’ve got time travel, you’ve got a beautiful but evil witch, you’ve got a secret world not easily accessed unless you know where the portal is. You know why so many stories have this stuff? Because it works.

Later gators!


  1. I recently read a rant about the absurdity of Best Movies of All Time lists, the author saying that he's sick to death of people all agreeing that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever and that if people were honest they wouldn't all name the same movies, they'd say stuff like Groundhogs Day. I smiled then because it's always been one of our favorites, and because I thought Cit K was amazing only on a technical level and thus partly lame. I enjoyed this consumables a lot, thanks. Wanna see that runner flick.

  2. I have read your blog for quite awhile now and have never left a comment. Today is the day. And what prompted this, you ask?DANCE ACADEMYWatched, laughed, cried.That is all. Keep up being awesome.

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