Brotherly love

Text conversation that totally happened while I was in Vancouver.

Him: (photo of a new built in closet)

Him: ??? It’s our new closet! I just finished it!

Him: Are you there?

Him: You must be having too much fun without me. I love you anyway, even if you don’t care about my beautemous closets.

Him: Love you babe. Talk soon.

(An hour later)
Him: I’m going to eat lunch at SKUBBERS.* You love it. You know you love it.

(A half hour later)
Him: I’m going over to Delium’s. Love you and miss you.
(A few minutes later)
Him: I’ll call you later my love.

Why am I telling you about this text string? Because Nordic Boy pushed the wrong button on his phone and totally sent all of those texts to my BROTHER.

I don’t know if you think that’s funny, but we busted a gut over it last night when he finally realized what he had done.

(*”Skubbers” is what we call Subway in our house for some reason. Or Skubbles, Skubway, Skubbies. I don’t know why. I sort of think Subway is a little nasty, and Nordic Boy disagrees).

Happy Friday everyone!

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