Where every reference I make is over 20 years old

What happened to July? Gone, in a puff of Doug Henning type smoke.

Why lead with a Doug Henning line? I don’t know.

You know what I have had lately? A bad attitude. Just a crusty, janky, uncalled for crap outlook. I am not a moody sort, so when I get into a bonafide mood, I feel not myself and just…weird. Well, a different weird than my normal weird. I need, as the drive-time deejays used to say (and maybe still say?) an attitude adjustment. But is there anything that will make you feel less like having a better attitude than the words “attitude adjustment?” Prolly not. I have been soothing myself by binge-watching old Mad Men episodes in the evenings and having internal debates on which cast of characters- the Mad Men people or the Game of Thrones people– have a more difficult time keeping their junk to themselves. I mean, seriously, it should be Unclad Men. Or Game of Bones. I know I am not the first person to say that, but in my mind? I am still hilarious.

Oh hey, you know what else happened? I had a Leonard Nimoy sighting. I do not know why this seems mention-worthy, because there is no accompanying story or anything, but still. My eyeballs rested on Spock. Well, not my eyeballs. My eyeball rays rested on him. I am sure he would be proud of me about this description, as it points to my obvious understanding of science, for which, to quote Peter Cetera, he’s the ins-pee-ration.

Doug Henning, Peter Cetera, Leonard Nimoy. Ooh, me so timely!

(That was a little 2 Live Crew there, just to add to the currency). I am meta-outdated!

I went to this party last weekend (I really cannot be bothered with transitions and segues right now), and the friend who was throwing it had the most gorgeous yard. Le sigh. Some day I will have a yard where I can throw parties and guests will tell other people how pleasant my yard is, right?

Fifthly (yes, I am counting the Doug Henning thing as a topic), I feel that I am the only person I know that is not watching the Olympics. I hear that the commentating is as irritating as ever though, so that’s nice. I remember every time the Olympics were on, my entire life, my family would gather around the tv for the parade of nations and wait for the Fiji team (all 2 of them, usually) to get their turn in the spotlight and then it would happen and the commentators would be all “Fiji, yep…NEXT” and we would always feel crestfallen, even though we knew it was coming.

I am going to Vancouver BC in the great land of Canadia this weekend. Anyone have any recommendations on where to go, what to eat, stuff to see? I have a whole lot of nothing planned, so I need help. Bring it, if you please.

When next I post, I promise you a new attitude.

(Imagine the Patti LaBelle video here, because embedding the link is being a bastard).


  1. We spent a few days in Vancouver last spring and you will just be amazed at the gorgeousness of that place. I have too many suggestions to list here(if you go to my blog and search Vancouver, you can see everything I wrote about it) but the one thing you must do is go up to Grouse Mountain. It is so beautiful and you can get a great view of the city. There is a free shuttle that you can ride, just catch it on the waterfront in front of the convention center. And Stanley Park! Ride bikes all the way around it! Have a great time. Can't wait to tead your impressions

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