Out of captivity

It is official: Nordic Boy has been released back into the wild, and has seemed to regain healthiness! I too have managed to remain healthy. We just about didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

We celebrated by going out to dinner on Friday night at a restaurant that I suppose was romantical, but really I could barely see my plate in there it was so dark. I haven’t dated in a while, but really, don’t we want to see who we are getting moony with? If I were dating now I would arrive equipped with a headlamp.

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up with our lives. We had lunch dates with friends, and went to a party on Saturday night, and spent lots and lots of time chatting each other up. We went over to Delium’s to hang out and the two of them got going on their home improvement talk and it felt so right to be so, so bored with it again. What would my life be like without hearing my two favorite dudes bore me to death talking about r values? Oh, and although of course the best thing was that my beloved was feeling good again, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I was so happy that he was up for cooking again. I love my dude’s cooking much more than my own cooking. Just on a selfish note.

It started back to downpouring outside as well, after many days of gorgeousness. My world is feeling normal again.

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