Week wrap up

Helloooo peoples! I hope you are having a loverly Friday, because I is!

Here is what has been happening this week.

I went to lunch with a friend/co-worker and her friend Ava, and have you ever met someone who just seems like sunlight is beaming out of them? That was Ava. She’s a teeny tiny thing, 89 years old, a retired actress, with bright blue eyes and an awesome giggly sense of humor. She was dressed as cute as can be, and was careful to put her lipstick on as soon as she got done with her lunch. Adorbs! She told us all about how she loves to go dancing (and still goes), and told stories about her departed husband who she was married to for 41 years (“my Robert” she called him) with total joy. She called us both darlings and ate her lunch with gusto. She still goes out on stage once every few months to do scenes from her one-woman show, where she talks about her childhood in Europe where she survived the Holocaust. Just a complete and utter freaking delight, she is. What a privilege.

Last night I went to a runway show where the models weren’t professional models, which I haven’t seen in a while. The clothes were gorgeous, but the ladies in them were even more so. They all seemed completely chuffed to be on the runway, and hammed it up, and laughed, and strutted. They were all shapes and sizes and a lot of them had friends at the very end of the runway so you could see these little groups of people giving them “go, honey, go!” faces. It was super. More runway shows should look like that.

In other news I had this big document that I was working on for work and the file got corrupted into just a big mess of WingDings, and I ask you, why do WingDings exist at all anymore? Does anyone use them? Why did my file want to convert to WingDingology? For pete’s sake.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this in Consumables, but I watched a bit of Ice Loves Coco, and you know what? He totally does! It was actually endearing.

Well, there you have it folks. From Holocaust survivor all the way to the inventor of Thong Thursday. I really can mix it up sometimes.


  1. I'm really far behind on my blog reading, obviously, but I had to share that I saw Coco get a live ultrasound on The Doctors to prove that she does not have butt implants. She does not.

  2. I used to have a volunteer named Bea who sounds like Ava's twin. Born in Riga, rode out the war in Belfast, moved to Detroit. Worked for the WPA in their dance troupe (who knew?) and met "her Gerald" when they were sent to a nudist colony to teach calisthenics. They did the classes nude because "well, we had nice figures after all, and when in Rome..!" She was 94 when she told me that story, 4'6" and full of glee.Haven't been by here in a while but I so much enjoy your posts.

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