Today marks the biggest chocolate and peanut butter day of my whole life- the day Nordic Boy and I met. We were teenagers and it was the 90s. I didn’t know he was my dude at the time, but I did know that I found him totally intoxicating, and that he looked at me like no one else had looked at me, ever. Both of these things are still true.

Nordic Boy and I haven’t said or written any particular vows to each other, but we do have lots of notes and ephemera that we have given each other over the years. Here’s one thing that lives on our mantel that Nordic Boy handed to me on a snowy night in Illinois over 15 years ago.

I don’t know what a vow feels like, but I imagine it’s something like the feeling I get when I look at that.

Anyway, happy meetiversary to us. Sing us about it, David Gray:


  1. Oh no, I didn't mean for it to sound like he gave that to me on the day we.met- that would have been weird! It's just something from a long time ago, one small thing among many years of small things, that's all.

  2. Aw, love this song. It is mine and my husband's song too! (I thing that was grammatically incorrect, but it being Friday afternoon, I don't care.)

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