Did you think, from the title of this post, that I was going to talk about Mayim Bialik as Blossom and her shenanigans with Six and Joey and the gang? Alas, it is not to be today. Sorry to disappoint as that would probably be more entertaining.

The other day a photographer was at my work doing some professional photography biznazz, and as he was setting up me and two of my co-workers posed it up for fun and did a damn good recreation of the original Charlie’s Angels logo. You know the one.

I was the middle angel. I’m thinking that was supposed to be Kate Jackson, who was the smart one, who I feel like should have been my favorite, but my actual favorite was always Jaclyn Smith, just because I thought she had the darkest skin. Listen, little brown girls have to make do with whatever cultural representation we can get sometimes, including reassigning ethnicity to white people when needed. Necessity, mother of invention, you know what I’m talking about. 

(I also want to point out that contrary to what this blog may tell you, I actually do a lot of working while at work. Like, a lot a lot. I know I tend to tell you about the posing for silly pictures and cheerleading in my office and singing Friday songs with my coworkers, but there is mostly actual work happening, like 99% of the time. Just to be clear).

Anyway, the photographer emailed us the photo later, and you know what?  I could not have been more pleased with myself in that snapshot, you guys. It was like I had waited my whole life to be the center of the Angels trio. I simultaneously love that and am heartily appalled as well.

Let’s see, what has been going on this week in non-Charlie’s-Angel-posing news? I went to see the Hunger Games (more on that in Consumables) at the Seattle Cinerama where they make chocolate popcorn which causes the whole theater to smell like fresh baked brownies, which is a reason enough to go to the movies if you ask me. I also went to a waffle brunch at a friend’s house where the ladies engaged in a great debate on whether or not The Rock is hot or not. There didn’t seem to be much room for gray area here- it was a divide akin to the Grand Canyon, we found. Also discovered? Peanut butter waffles are delicious. Some things are unanimous.

We also had one warm, sunny delightful day in the past week. Everyone in Seattle immediately ran outside to find something to do just to be in it. What I decided to do was head over to the University of Washington campus to see all of the cherry blossoms in bloom. I just went, and strolled, and sat, and it was perfection. Seattle people, go do that before the bloom is over!

I have high hopes for this weekend, despite not so great weather reports. “In my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine.” Aw snap! I brought it right back around to Mayim Bialik, dudes! Full circle post, wut wut!


  1. The Rock is in so many ways NOT my type, but he is most certainly hot. jaclyn smith seemed like she had the most flavor. she was my favorite, too.

  2. Ack. What is worse: reading a description of a photo and then not being shown the photo, or never knowing about the photo at all?Not the latter, definitely the former.

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