Speaking out on spring time

Today was sunny, and like a total doofus I woke up and thought it was spring and wore a spring outfit. No tights, half sleeves. Then I proceeded to freeze my nuts off for the rest of the day, because sun does not equal warmth, necessarily. See, when you live through a Seattle winter you forget that. Fire ball in the sky? It must be 70 degrees out! No, dipshit, it doesn’t mean that.

However, I do submit that drinking in some sunlight after a long time without it makes you drunk. Like loopy drunk. One of my coworkers did a full-voice cheer today. Like, as in, cheerleading was happening in my office. Also, I was in two meetings where people, including me, laughed until they cried. I mean, funny stuff happens at work, sure, but the library ain’t that funny, people. Lastly, although I am a loving soul by nature, I was overly full of love today. I was just feeling the lovey feelings for every last person I saw. Not in an icky way, don’t be dirty. Just in a drunk “I LOVE YOU MAN” sort of way.

One thing that I don’t love though? The term “speaking out.” Also “breaking his/her silence.” Why are headlines always saying that people are speaking out on things? Especially things that are of little consequence? I feel like if you are Greta Garbo or JD Salinger or something, and then someone said that you went on a puppy kicking spree or something, your granting an interview to clear your name would be breaking your silence, and also be speaking out. But like today there was a headline that Kris Jenner was speaking out about Kim Kardashian getting flour bombed. That is not speaking out, people! That is just speaking. Next thing you know we will all be expected to pay attention because Donald Trump has broken his silence.

Ok, so apparently I am ceasing to be an I Love You Drunk and turning into an I Am Surly Drunk.

That is all I have to say to you for today. Stellar writing craftsmanship once again, I know! I am amazing.

Have a lovely weekend, all! I LOVE YOU GUYS. I must break my silence to make that point.

Also, here is the song my coworker and I insist on singing to each other on Friday afternoons. Click and enjoy.

One comment

  1. When I saw that the words Pop Culture Librarian were bolded in my Google reader (which means there's a new post) I went "goody gumdrops! She's broken her silence!"

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