Consumables #60

A co-worker came to my office on Friday and simply said: “There’s a little bit of sun peeking through out there right now! If you want to see any, go now! GO NOW!” And I dropped what I was doing, put my coat on, and went outside. It was still butt cold and windy, but I got that sun while it was here. I got you, sun! I got you! HA HA HA HA HAAAAA.
This is the state of mind I had when entering my weekend.
It turned out pretty dang good- I had not one solid plan for the whole weekend which felt really lovely. I usually like to have a plan or two in the hopper but this time around I really needed to just freeball it. And ew, sorry I just said freeball it.
Freeballing (and is it just me or can that term not be used without a paralyzing desire to sing Tom Petty? Now I’m FREE! FREEBALLIN’!) consisted of lots of take-out food and couch time, two brunches out (one with Biogirl and the other with Biogirl, Nordic Boy and Delium), a teatime meet up with Jenny where she accidentally shot a pony tail holder at a man at the next table, and that’s really about the perfect level of excitement that I needed.
That’s about all I have to say, so let’s talk about what’s happening with me and the pop cultures lately.
Project Runway All Stars
It hurts me when Mondo acts like a whiney buttmunch. Stop it Mondo! Go back to being adorbs.
Being Elmo
Documentary about the muppeteer who plays Elmo. I think it must be my generation but I am enthralled by most things muppet. I don’t think this was the best documentary ever in terms of how it was put together and there were things that I wished they would have asked Clash about and they didn’t, but still, I was all over it.
Staying Alive
I was in a grumpy mood last week and so I fired up this puppy, and man, did it do me right. Stallone directs Travolta in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever! Travolta gets oiled up and puts on a headband and a speedo-sized dance belt and does horrifying contempo jazzercise moves! There are smoke machines, and cage dancing! Oh it’s masterful.
My Week with Marilyn
As a person who has watched classic movies over and over again, including everything Marilyn Monroe was ever in, I was super excited to see this. The Prince and the Showgirl (which is the movie that is featured within this movie) is interesting to begin with not because it’s a great movie- I don’t think it is although that can be argued for sure- but because it brings together Olivier and Monroe. The behind the scenes stories about this collaboration are legendary by now, and so trying to make My Week with Marilyn seems like such a daunting thing to do, and so I want to give it a pass on what I thought were some weak points. I thought Kenneth Branagh as Olivier was awesome, and I wanted to believe Michelle Williams as Monroe and sometimes I did, but other times I didn’t, but maybe I was being a dick about that, I can’t decide. Also, I think they overplayed Monroe’s insecurities. Not that I think that she didn’t have them and ultimately was probably ruled by them, but I wished they would have explored that in a less obvious way. Wow, this is getting dangerously close to a sort of review of the movie and we all know I don’t really do that, so I’ll stop. Oh, one more thing, and now you know I am getting way nitpicky, but Marilyn Monroe was not that skinny. I know we don’t seem to have anything but waifs on the screen anymore, but seeing tiny Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe seemed really odd to me.
Kingdom Keepers #1, by Ridley Pearson
The first in a series about a group of kids who can turn themselves into holograms (sort of) and transport themselves into Disneyland at night after it has closed, where they battle the evil Disney characters who come alive. It’s better than it sounds. I admit it did not appeal to me as an adult lady but I can see the kid appeal for sure, especially if they have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld or whatever.
Parade’s End, by Ford Madox Ford
This book is about 7.4 million pages long with tiny font so technically I have not finished it yet, and I will likely read it in chunks throughout the year, but I have read enough of it to talk about it now. It is a book written for my inner old man (there is a part of my reading taste that is 80 years old) so if you have that part of you you will like this, I think. It’s set during World War I in England, and there are class divides and political upheavals and some romance too, although it’s not romantic. Think of it like Downton Abbey but less soap opera-ish and with lots more long-winded discussions of Tories and the disintegration of moral codes and the like. It’s going to be made into an HBO/BBC tv series soon, so if you don’t want 7.4 million pages, wait for that.
Fashion lectures
For the past couple of months Biogirl and I have been spending every other Thursday night attending a series of fashion lectures at the University of Washington museum (the Henry Gallery). The lectures were focused on the first half of the 20th century, so we got to hear about everything from the decline of corsets to the rise of the little black dress. The lectures were more philosophical and historical than anything, and I wished the lecturer would have blitzed us with a ton more slides (people who are interested in clothes want to hear about clothes, yes, but really we want to see lots of clothes more than anything). I don’t have much to say on this other than to plug the idea of doing something like this on a topic that interests you. It’s worth the time to try it.
Have a good week, everyone! Seattleites, take heart. Marvember will not be here much longer.


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