Consumables #59

Hey you know what? I’ve totally been feeling like…well, I don’t know how to explain it really. Maybe a sound says it best?
No, that’s not it exactly. Maybe I feel like life is like a box of Nelson?
No, that’s not it either. Um, something?
Oh I don’t know what I’m even saying.
THE POINT IS. I’m having a weird week.
I have no consumables to really report because apparently when I feel this way I lose all ability to pay attention to things. No books, no movies, no nothing. Cutting for Stone came in for me at the library and I swear my brain looked at me from behind my eyeballs and laughed. You think you are reading that? Do you see how many pages that is? If you think I am helping you out with that this week you’re a fucking moron. My brain can be a total dick sometimes. I also have the book that all my teen librarian friends are talking about: The Fault in Our Stars sitting on my table at home and I just can’t do that either. I don’t know if that’s because of my weird week or if it’s because it’s about cancer, which I didn’t realize. There’s something about having a loved one with cancer that makes me not want to read about cancer in my free time, like, for entertainment. So that was out. I did read The Downside of Being Up, which is a tween fiction book about this kid who gets kicked out of school because he gets a boner. Not since Then Again Maybe I Won’t has pubescent dingdong fiction been on my radar.
I continue to watch Felicity episodes on Netflix streaming because that takes up just about as much brain power as boner books. I had always heard about Felicity but I never had watched it before, and I have something I would like to say about it. Because I am nothing if not a person who gives ever so relevant commentary on shows from 2001. I ask you how many pregnancy scares can one show have? Everyone is constantly thinking they are pregnant, and some of them end up actually being so. This is the most fertile group of 5 teens I have ever seen in my life.
I also continue to watch the Walking Dead although Nordic Boy and I are full on Team Zombie at this point. We really don’t like those people and we kind of want them to all get their brains eaten.
I also watched the Grammys and the Oscars, which I love and will watch no matter how crap they get, but I really wish that each year one person or movie didn’t just sweep everything. I just feel like the industry in question decides as a group that it will be the Year of Adele or whatever, and then that person gets every last thing, which gets boring. That said, I love Adele and I loved Hugo too so there you go.
Speaking of loving things, I saw the movie Pina and oh my god you guys. It was the best thing ever ever ever. I love Pina Bausch’s work so much and to have this gorgeous movie made of it, I just almost couldn’t believe it was happening. So good. I wanted to freaking EAT IT.
I mean seriously, watch this:

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  1. As so often, I relate to this in several very different ways. I actually snorted out loud about your brain backtalk, partly because of this cold I still have. Sorry to hear about the cancer. Had a feeling based on other stuff you've mentioned, but hoped I was wrong. We got that going on, too, and we so want it to just go away so our lives can be about cheery stuff. Hang in there, buddy.

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