Consumables #56

I have noise-cancelling headphones on right now, and then I decided to chew a piece of gum. Have you ever done this? Hearing gum chewing inside one’s own head sounds disgusting, and kind of like a washing machine.

Yes, this is your one-stop shop for high cultural commentary such as that.

Here’s what be up! I’m too lazy to put in the links today. Shoddy blogmanship, I know.

Downton Abbey
Nordic Boy is catching up with Season 1 right now, and it just about blew his mind when Maggie Smith was all “what’s a weekend?” He was like “God DAMMIT if I could be that rich, to not even know what a weekend is!” He sort of couldn’t stop talking about it for a while after that. So Mind? Meet Boggled.

First of all, let’s just get it out of the way by first off saying that Idris Alba can make one want to get dirty in your skirty. Ok? We good on that? He’s hot and we don’t even need to talk about it. Idris, Stringer Bell, Luther, I don’t care WHAT your name is. I feel like I might have talked about this show before, since I started watching it a while ago, so forgive the repeat if I did that. This was a little more on the creepy side than I usually tend to watch, but I stuck with it. I think Alba carries it and I’m not just saying that because of the hotness. I liked the whole Silence of the Lambs vibe it had going on.

Young Frankenstein
This is one of the first movies Nordic Boy and I ever watched together and we hadn’t seen it in a while. It makes me all goopy remembering us watching the first time. “Ovaltine!” To me, that’s romantic.

I so did not understand the point of this movie. There was a virus, it spread, people died. I just kept wanting to say “…and?” It was fine though.

All nonfiction this week!

Just Kids, by Patti Smith
For some reason I wasn’t expecting this book to be that good. I don’t know why. But it totally was! I love it when that happens. I was not overly familiar with Smith (I mean I know her stuff, but am not a fanatic) so there was a lot of interesting stuff that was news to me, and I found her not at all like I thought she might be.

The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival, by John Vaillant
I can sum up this book by just saying this. Do NOT, whatever you do, FUCK with a FUCKING TIGER. Don’t steal food from him, don’t mess with tiger babies, don’t insult him, don’t look at him funny, just DON’T DO ANYTHING. Because that tiger understands who you are, and can find where you live, and can smell you from a long ways away, and will wait for you and remember you for years and you will not even see it coming and then WHAM he will jump out and eat your ass to the bone and then find anyone else that you have been hanging with that smells like you and eat THEIRSELVES TOO. If you have to mess with a lion, ok. If you have to mess with a bear, so be it. Just NOT A TIGER. The end.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay clear of tigers.


  1. Does the tiger die? I don't want to read it if the tiger dies. Because he's just doing his tiger thing and people get all up in his business and then they have crazy-ass weapons that he doesn't have and he loses. I loathe that story. And yes, I'm definitely more concerned about his well-being than the people's well being. I guess I should be worried about what that says about me, but, I'm really not.

  2. Luther totally rocks! And he's totally hawt. And that redhead he hangs out with is a total loon. There's a whole lot of total going on in that last statement but it's all totally true.

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