Cold gray Januar-ay

The thermometer says it’s not really that cold, but my body disagrees. It feels colder than the thermometer says. I know, talking about the weather is ceaselessly entertaining. I have been trying not to hole up in my house too much. To that end, I did the following.

1. Brunched out with pals twice.
2. Shopped (ok I just went and touched the clothes) at Horseshoe.
3. Supported Biogirl’s pie problem by tagging along with her to A La Mode.
4. Did some rounds around Green Lake.
5. “Helped” Nordic Boy plant a new terrarium (hey, I watched him with waves of encouragement emanating out of me. That’s totally helping).
6. Ok, I’m not going to lie there was also lots of holing up and staying in, but effort was made.

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