Hello Talbots, and you too Chico’s

Mom: I stopped over at Christopher and Banks this morning, but I didn’t find anything.
Me: What store is that again?
Mom: Christopher and Banks.
Me: I’ve never been there. What is it? Clothes?
Mom: You’ve never heard of it?
Me: I’ve heard of it, but there isn’t one here in Seattle I think. Other than maybe in the malls, and I don’t go to the mall much. What kind of stuff do they have?
Mom: Oh you know. Clothes for older ladies. Like us.
Me: (silence as I slowly digest that my septuagenarian mother has now put me in her age category)
Me: Oh.
Mom: (back pedal, back pedal!) I just mean, it’s not for teenagers. That’s all I mean.
Me: Got it.

I guess it’s time for me to stop thinking Ann Taylor is too old for me.



  1. Ha!!! My hubby sent me a link to this post. He has heard me many times lament the fact that I don't really have a "go-to" store anymore. I seem to have outgrown (age-wise, not size-wise) my old favorite stores, but I'm N.O.T. NOT ready for Chico's!!! Ann Taylor? Hmmm….

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