After the boots of summer have gone

Monday. Blah. Here’s my list of what’s in my brain today.

1. I kind of want to do NaBloPoMoBloJoHo (I just like to add that last part on there because I am juvenile), and started to do it last week, but that didn’t last very long. I guess I am still trying, if it even makes sense to do that. Just set your expectations way way low on that one though. Dial it all the way down.

2. The weather has turned. The best we can hope for is some blue sky every once in a while, but we know those days are numbered as well. This weekend, Nordic Boy started wearing his winter work boots while doing up his carpentry rigamarole in his shop. “The days for summer boots are gone,” he said. Then we sang the chorus of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” with the words “boots of summer” inserted, because that’s how we do around here.

3. I have a new phone. I now need a new phone holder thing. I am having trouble finding one that meets my own personal design specifications. I came back from a shopping trip and Nordic Boy asked me if I found a phone case, and I said I didn’t see any that I liked, and he said “I think we’re starting up another pencil cup situation here.” Because I spent three years looking for a pencil cup that met my aesthetic needs. And I never found one. So I just decided that I didn’t need a pencil cup. And Nordic Boy never once said to me “IT IS JUST A PENCIL CUP GET OVER IT.” Because he knows a battle that can’t be won, plus he is nice to me like, all the time. Anyway, maybe I can just be really careful with my new phone?

4. I spent part of my weekend browsing some stores for wintery clothes. I have trouble with wintery clothes, mainly because I am not a fan of bulk, but I am also not a fan of being cold. My solution to this problem has been to just wear summer/spring/fall clothes which solves the bulk issue but doesn’t solve the being cold issue. Between this and the pencil cup thing and the phone case thing I really find myself unbearable sometimes. It does save me money though, since impulse buying is sort of out.

5. Biogirl and I had a full on therapy session over the weekend about the remakes of Dirty Dancing and Footloose. In the conversation the following phrase was said: “YOU SIR, are no Kevin Bacon!” I think we can all adopt that phrase in a multitude of situations.

6. Biogirl, who has been coveting the Norm-in-Cheers status of “regular” for many years, finally got her wish at the brunch joint we frequent. We go there almost weekly, so it’s about bloody time they recognize us. They knew her name! And what she wanted to order! It was a grand day in her life. I was glad to be there to witness.

7. We had dinner with our friends HVDM and her husband J. Afterward, we came over to my house and played Outburst. I was seriously off my game and this was evidenced by the following. I could not name all ten Robert Redford movies on the dang card, and I couldn’t name off ten Shakespeare plays. What the eff, me? I might as well have forgotten the alphabet as far as I am concerned.

8. I finally signed up for pinterest. Let me know if you’re on it too and I’ll follow you.

9. It was Alli’s birthday yesterday. There are a few things that make me feel melancholy around this time of year, and not being there for Alli’s birthday is always one of them. We always did birthday shenanigans when we were kids! How dare she grow up and move away! Wait, that was me that moved away. I hate it when I have to blame myself for my own whining.

10. YOU SIR are no Kevin Bacon! I just wanted to say that again.


  1. I just had to google to see what "pinterest" was and didn't get any further than the Nutella & Go! I NEED THAT! Where do I get it?! We don't have it here in the UK, I need you to seek it out for me immediately!Please. As I was brung up proper and know my manners… šŸ˜€

  2. OMG, I FORGOT about Outburst until this very post and I LOVE Outburst!! 1. What is wrong with me? and 2. You are awesome for making me remember. šŸ™‚

  3. i've always wanted to be a regular somewhere. so far the only places i've been able to show up consistently enough that they know my name and what i like are places they give me a paycheck to hang out at.

  4. Pinterest is the most amazingly addictive thing in which I have ever participated!! Follow me (KateAlexandriaP with a moon as my avatar [how fucking romantic does that sounds?!?]) but only if you actually enjoy any of my boards because I am the sort of annoying person who will carry out Pinterest-comment conversations about the total awesomeness of a calendar made out of paint chips.Also, I am incredibly jealous of the fact that you have nearby friends willing to participate in a game night (although our games of choice are typically, Taboo, German Rummi, and Scattergories).-K

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