Here is what I have decided about Halloween. I love it when I can make decisions on things.

What I have decided is that I love costumes. Love them. On other people. I feel like I want to love them for me, but I really actually don’t love them for me though, which for a long time now I have been fighting with myself about. Costumes bring together many things that I love in my life: art, creativity, humor, spooky aesthetics! I should, in theory, be all over this holiday. But yet, every year I find myself doing something lame like wearing a regular everyday 60s-ish wrap-dress, slapping on a fake nametag and calling it a flight attendant costume. I go to costume parties dressed pretty much like myself but trying to call it something else. I am so that person. I don’t know why, but coming up with a costume idea is torture for me, let alone dedicating time to getting something together.

My friends go all out for Halloween, and throw the type of parties that are not costume-optional. You wear a costume, mandatory. Bossy friends I have, I know, but thems the breaks. So this year, you know what I did? I stayed home. It was kind of sad that I missed the fun (omg can you believe I just tried to pull that? To make you feel sorry for me on that stupid crap?), but I just couldn’t be Half-Ass Halloweener this year. Throw in the fact that getting Nordic Boy into a costume can only be described as an annual “being a good sport but honestly could so totally do without this shit” situation and really. What is the point.

So, this Saturday we eschewed all invites (and the count on Halloween parties was really high this year so we felt extra Scroogey) and stayed home and watched movies. GOD WE ARE OLD FOGEYS.

Other fun activities this weekend included attending a Diwali party, hanging out with Delium, helping our friend A move her furniture to her new digs, and spending lots of cozy time (it is getting to be a tit bit nippley outside, dudes, winter is coming) under a blanket on the couch with my dude.

Oh, and the highlight of it all was going to the Nordic Heritage Museum to see their Nordic Fashion Exhibit. I have many things I could say about this exhibit but I shall limit to three things. One: the clothes were awesome. Go Nordics! Two: there are other exhibits that are also awesome, having to do with Nordic immigration to this country. However, those exhibits had lots of mannequins in sort of diorama-type situations (is it still called a diorama if it is life-size?) which made me really really glad that I did not have to spend the night inside the museum Ben Stiller style because those dioramas coming to life? GAH. Creepfest. Three: we got there and the ticket lady told us we were more than welcome to take photos which made me grumpy that I hadn’t brought my camera to play with, so here are some phone camera shots instead.


  1. You have accurately represented the inside of my head as it pertains to costumes. Today, a faculty asked me jokingly what I'm supposed to be. I said, "hot librarian." He looked confused for a moment (I am dressed in my usual fashion), then laughed uncomfortably. Mission accomplished.

  2. I fill ya. At our Monday morning meeting today the cheese said "I'm surprised no one came in costume." I objected and said "I came as a responsible adult." He thought a moment, then said, "That's actually a pretty good disguise for you." Zing.

  3. I feel exactly the same way about costumes and Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, but I just can't get into the whole extravagant costume thing. Inevitably, I always end up being some sort of robed figure – Death, Monk, Homicidal Monk, Demonic Priest.

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