I’m Coming Over

I remember this night, when I was in high school, when I had a big paper due for English class the next day, and I hadn’t even started it yet. This was totally and completely how I treated every assignment in high school so I don’t know why I particularly remember this night. It was like 9 or 10pm, and my friend Map called me. I sat on my bedroom floor, looking at my notes as I talked to her. Let me try and recreate the very eloquent conversation we had.

Her: What are you doing?
Me: I have to do that fucking paper for tomorrow.
Her: Have you started it?
Me: Nope.
Her: I’m coming over.

About a month or two ago, I was feeling lonesome. I couldn’t really put my finger on what I was lonesome for, since I have friends and peeps and lovelies all around. I happened to put on my Facebook page that I was feeling that way, like an ambiguous lonesome Bat signal. You know what happened? Within an hour, Alli and Map, all the way from Chicago and suburban Detroit, responded by saying, essentially: “We’re coming over.”

By the end of that day, a date was set, plane tickets were bought, and that was that. Vague sense of lonliness: over and out. I love those two. Love, love, love them.

Last weekend, when Nordic Boy had to hop on a plane in a hurry, I called up Alli and Palindrome and told them: Nordic Boy will be landing at O’Hare. He might need you. Get ready if he needs to come over.

Then Biogirl came over and took me to Portland. When I got back, I sat in my house and worried about Nordic Boy. Delium called me up and said: I’m coming over. While he was here, my friend M showed up at my door with a box of fancy macaroons to cheer me up and wish me a happy birthday, totally unexpected.

Look at all that I’m Coming Over-ness. It’s kind of amazing.

This got me thinking about the whole idea of telling someone you’re coming over. Completely uninvited, but so confident in the mutual love that you know that the other person would like nothing more than your barging in. I have a few people in my life that I do that with, and I know that I’m lucky about that. I have a few more that I wish I could do that with, but I’m not confident about that mutual love thing, so I don’t. Maybe I should be braver, but it’s hard.

Anyway. I’m going to pick up Alli and Map at the airport today. If you get a minute, think about your “I’m coming over” people. Aren’t they awesome?


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a few people like that. People who come right in, get a glass and ice and have a drink. Don't have to ask where anything is or if it's OK, because they know where everything is and that's it's ALWAYS OK.

  2. Oh you said it perfectly! I love my coming over friends — they are especially good for when they know you need it but don't know how to ask for it. You just made my day.

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