Comeback Kid

It would be totally fair to say that I live in a cushy environment compared to the majority of the planet. I am not super wealthy, but I have all that a person needs. I have education, and am healthy, and get vacation time, and can buy Funyons whenever I want to, really. (When I was little, my parents didn’t buy us junk food, unless it was like, our birthday or something. So I only got Funyons if I was throwing a party, which forever after makes me think of them as a Super Fancy Snack). I also have surrounded myself with hip friends and we all live our progressive lives with our do-gooder activities and our artistic pursuits and our sophisticated opinions. However, I just have to tell you this. Some racist shit happens to me on a daily basis. A DAILY BASIS. Not exaggerating. I know you probably know this stuff happens all the time to the melanin-blessed. But there is always a part of me that wonders if those who don’t experience this really, really know this. Sometimes it is all I can do to not live my whole life starting conversations with the words: “You are not going to BELIEVE the shit that just went down five minutes ago!” And then regaling everyone with the details. Because I know that that is boring. And would get old fast.
But I just have to tell you this one. Because it’s awful, but funny.

I was going down an escalator and the up escalator was directly adjacent. So as the people on the down escalator make their way down, they almost brush shoulders with the people who are going up. So on this trip down, this white dude is traveling towards me. And just as we pass each other, side by side, him facing up and me facing down, he turns his head toward my ear and whispers the following.

Kamasutra, babeeeeeee.”

And I keep heading down, not looking back, and he keeps heading up.

Come on, people. OUT OF BOUNDS.

Anyway, I told Biogirl about this, and she said: “You should have turned to him and whispered back: ‘Pilgrim’s Progress, babeeeeeee.'”

SERIOUSLY. I should have said that. That girl is a genius.


  1. when that shit invades your personal body bubble, that just amps up the yuck.something tells me that dude wouldn't even know what "Pilgrim's Progress" even is. but biogirl is clever. again, yuck. i wish that stuff didn't happen so often.

  2. Yikes. Sounds like they finally let that guy out of his shed. Obviously, he wouldn't have known Pilgrim's Progress from his own butt, but it would have been funny to see the look on his face. (I just accidentally typed "The look on his feet." That probably would have been less funny and more ew.

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