Alrighty then

In the past few days, I keep having conversational trip-ups with semi-strangers. It’s fun.

First of all, there’s a guy that I see pretty much every day at the coffee shop near work. And you know what he says to me every day? “Alriiiight.” Either that or “good, good.” He says this when it makes sense:

Him: Hey, how’s it going?
Me: Great, and you?
Him: Alriiiiiight.

He also says it when it doesn’t make sense:

Him: Hey, it’s Friday! Do you have to work this weekend?
Me: Yes. How about you?
Him: Alriiiiiight.

I have started to try to ask him all sorts of questions, to see if I can get him to answer with anything other than alriiiiight, or good, good. So far, he has not broken his streak.

I also walked into the salon the other day (ok fine it was the place where I get my waxing done but I didn’t want to mention waxing and be disgusting), and the lady at the counter, who I thought sort of knows me, said “Hey Sigourney!” I thought she was talking to someone else, so I didn’t say anything back. “Sigourney! Hi!” she persisted. I looked at her sort of blankly and so she says: “Oh my gosh, I am so embarrassed. Do you not pronounce the “g” in your name?”

First of all, people who are not Sigourney Weaver are actually named Sigourney? That is awesome. And second of all, there are people named Sigourney who do not pronounce the “g”? That’s a thing? So what would it be? Si-hoorny? As in 2LiveCru Me So Hoorny?

Anyway. So I said “I’m sorry. You must have me mixed up with someone else.”
Her: No I don’t! Ha ha! You come here all the time! What do you mean?
Me: Um, well, that’s not my name.
Her: But. Oh. But, you look just like her!

So hey gang. I have a doppleganger out there somewhere named Sihoorny.

Alriiiiiight. Good, good.


  1. hahahaahahha whew!does the "alriiiight" thing mean that the first guy isn't really listening to your questions? the context is so very odd…and how does you LOOKING like someone translate to you OF COURSE having the same name?i wish weird stuff like this happened to me.

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