At the Mac make-up counter.*

Saleslady who looks like Katy Perry: Can I help you with something?
Me: I was just trying to decide between these two colors. Charcoal or dark brown. I just can’t decide which one to try. (Holding the samples next to my skin) What do you think?
Katy Perry: Well, that depends on what you want to use it for.
Me: Yes, how do you mean?
Katy Perry: Well, it depends on whether you want grey. Or brown.

She said that to me without a STITCH of sarcasm, people.

Me: Ok, yes. Thanks.

So I just wanted to pass along that piece of advice to you, if you ever are trying to decide between choice A and choice B. You should make that decision based on one thing and that thing is: whether you want the choice to be A, or whether you want it to be B. It’s so unhelpful, it sort of rounds a bend somewhere and becomes helpful again.

Don’t thank me, thank Katy.

* The Mac makeup counter is really not a counter. I ask you, what is with this new fangled retail model where there is no counter and no way to line up anywhere? Mac make up, Apple, AT&T, what is going on? Do you want chaos, is that what you want? What’s a grandma like me supposed to THINK?


  1. Disappointing. I rather like the chaos model of retail, but I expect my MAC people to drop some srs makeup knowledge upon me. My strategy: look for a man, if possible. Makeup guys are almost always more fun to work with, in my experience.

  2. I believe the thinking is that a queue suggests Third-World or even Old-World poverty. That looks bad. I think the model now is meant to recall a party atmosphere. Just come in. Get close. Mingle. Someone will approach you.

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