Where I been

Ok, so I am sitting at a gate at O’Hare airport waiting to make the last leg of a trip to the land of my birthing and I’m typing this on my phone so will this be more disjointed than usual? Yes. And you thought it not possible.

I am listening to a young lass on her cell phone having a heated argument including the very astute observation: “DUDE. Spanish people are not Mexican. Spain is in Europe.” Her debate sparring partner, judging from the way her statements continue, is not buying what she’s saying for one second. Not one iota. She is remaining steadfast though, bless her heart.

Let’s see, what do I need to catch you up on? Last week my friend Palindrome and her mister came to visit us in Seattle. Palindrome and I met our freshman year in college, and I have somehow managed to see past the fact that my behavior- actually my very personhood- at that time was probably the most mortifying period of my life. I was just a girl running amok, is all I have to say for myself. Palindrome doesn’t spend a lot of time bringing up anecdotes of my mortifying behavior, which is big of her because I can see how that might be entertaining. Instead, we spent a couple of days catching up and you know what? Still love that lady. When it comes to friends, I really know how to pick them, even in the midst of The Mortifying Years. Good job, me.

Aside: the great debate at O’Hare continues. “DUDE. Just because you met a Mexican in Spain is irrelevant.”

Back to Palindrome’s visit. The downside was that Nordic Boy was under the weather for the entire time. He was trying to rally the whole time but he was dragging pretty hard, which kind of sucked. His not-feeling-wellness did cause him to be even more succinct than usual, which led to hilarity such as the following.

Palindrome: So what is the population of Seattle?
NB: The Puget Sound area is up to around 4 million I think.
Pal: Does that include Tacoma?
NB: The Puget Sound area includes everything…in the Puget Sound area.

I don’t know. It was funny.

After their visit, I workity worked worked, and then this past Monday Nordic Boy went to work in Portland and I tagged along and bummed around the city. I had so much time, a list of things I wanted to do, and you know what I did instead? I sat in a bakery and read my book and stared off into space for a few hours. Then I got hungry so I walked to Clyde Common, ate, then read my book for a few hours more with more staring out the window. Then I walked to Tanner Springs Park and read/stared a little there until the sun went down. And then I went to Imelda’s and bought two pair of shoes. So, to recap. Read, stare, eat, space out, read, shoes. Basically, an awesome day, no?

Update from five feet away from me: “No, like Spanish people colonized Mexico. That’s why they speak the same language!” PERSEVERE, sister!

And now, I’m heading to Michigan to see my beloved mom and pops. I’m looking forward to hot weather, and the fact that humidity makes my hair look fierce. These days my visits can be more than a little melancholy, so sue me if good hair makes me feel a bit better, ok?

More soon, my dears.

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