Consumables #48

It’s weekend time, SUCKAZZZZZ!

I am super excited for this weekend because (a) it is a weekend and really there needs to be no more reason to be excited about it than that; (b) I am being promised good weather, PROMISED; (c) I am taking at least part of the day off on Monday and hopefully the whole day off so bonus!; (d) most importantly my friend Palindrome is coming to visit me! I actually paused my typing there to do a little chair dance, which PROVES ALL OF IT.

Have you guys seen the tumblr Bill vs. Betty? It is photoshop madness whereby Billy Murray’s face is put on Betty White’s body and vice versa. It’s more entertaining than it sounds. At least to me.

I read Common As Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership by Lewis Hyde this week, which basically argues the case for defending our cultural/creative commons. Ah yes, my brain does work sometimes, contrary to my many blog postings about The Bachelorette. I have to say that this book was the most readable, interesting, and accessible thing I have read on this topic.

On the other end of the brainy spectrum, I was at home the other night, sitting/lying on my couch in a really impressive way. Like, if there was an America’s Next Top Couch Potato competition I would be all over it. I was watching The Daily Show on the DVR, which I do pretty much every evening, but I was so ensconsced in my own Potato-ness that I wasn’t even bothering to fast forward through the commercials, which is a rarity indeed. I don’t know that I have seen a commercial on tv for the last 5 years, really. But the other night I was watching them, and this one came on.

And it made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Like, a big mouth, full belly laugh. Nordic Boy looked over at me from across the room and said “whoa! STITCHES!” and it was true. I was in stitches. Especially when the dude says “Your son Rip is on line toot.” OMG. I may just be a 14 year old boy, but DANG that is funny. I really maybe should watch commercials more often?

Before you judge me too harshly, just know that Anderson Cooper and I find the exact same shit (ha ha, pun!) funny. So there.

As I said, I am being told that the weather this weekend will be great. The past few days have been actual summer around here, which is astonishing. Let’s go out with a summery song, shall we? Let’s shall.

Craft Spells, After the Moment


  1. OH Mylanta, I laugh at that Gas-X commercial every time I see it, and it's been on for years. YEARS! And every time the assistant says, "Your son Rip is on Line Toot," I giggle like a little little girl. Much the same way I giggle at the Orbitz gum commercial with the, "Who are you calling a cootie queen, you LINT LICKER?"Glad I'm not alone.

  2. A thess peein' ! I love Anderson's little gigglefest. But really the best part of all of this is how you hyperlinked the phrase "Anderson Cooper and I." I was convinced I was headed to Page 6 to read about you and your 360 pal.

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