Ready, Set, Forget

Remember how I said that I left my phone in the coffee shop, only it wasn’t in the coffee shop, but back at work where I left it? This was only one of many phone-leaving incidents of late, as well as some forgetting-of-lunch at home, as well as some forgetting to communicate with people who are emailing me, which especially galls me since that is a pet peeve of mine. Really, when did it become ok for someone to email another someone with a direct question (want to hang out this week? want these baseball tickets? could they have designed a movie poster that would make me want to see a movie less than this one?) and for that second someone to just ignore that email for weeks? It seems like that that is just commonplace these days. Acting in such a manner? Humph, I say. Except for when I do it like, um, lately. Just ignore that part though, I am way too busy being judgy to take note of my own shortcomings.

This morning all of this came to a head when Nordic Boy dropped me off at work and I hopped out of the car, leaving my wallet on the seat. “Hey! Forgetty With Meatballs! You forgot your wallet!” he said after me.

Forgetty With Meatballs! Like, my new nickname. I sort of love it.

This week has gone by in a flash. Time goes by faster when you just run around forgetting stuff. I have tested this all week and it has proved true, because that’s just good science. Last weekend summer started up in Seattle for real (I know most of you have been roasting since May but we have barely seen the sun in all of 2011) so Nordic Boy and I celebrated by repainting our guest room. Because that’s what summer is all about, Charlie Brown. That and ripping out old ducts. I know, it’s like you can just hear The Sundays singing “Summertime” in the background, right?

We also went over to The Soggy Librarian’s house for barbecue funness, and Nordic Boy was completely hypnotized by the awesomeness that is cornhole. I, on the other hand, was completely hypnotized by the sight of my other friend arguing so vehemently over the facts of Leona Helmsley’s life (as you do) that her lawn chair seat broke and her butt fell through as she made her final points. There is nothing more emphatic that you can do to make a point than to fall through the bottom of your chair at the same time. I think lawyers should start incorporating this into their closing statements.

I have been having lunch outside pretty much every day this week, you guys. And it has not rained on me once! It’s enough to make one do something like this.


  1. Congrats on the sunshine!I am not usually so forgetful, but there is some kind of curse with phones.One has been lost in the flushing incident of '10, one to the bus, one in the airport.

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