Consumables #45: Just Ducky

I have started to use the phrase “fuck a DUCK” way too much lately. Last night, I said it one too many times and Nordic Boy had to say back “will you leave those poor ducks ALONE?” And yes, I really should leave those poor ducks alone.

In other duck fucking news (I have two whole things to say about that phrase in one day! That’s weird), a long time ago I used that phrase on Facebook and people clicked Like a bunch of times and then my friend Lola said “I fooked a dook and I liked it.” And so now that phrase makes me sing that Katy Perry song with those words plugged in pretty much every time. And now you will too. You’re welcome, America!

In other news, can you all tell me how to properly fold a burrito? Nordic Boy and I have totally different techniques and he claims that mine looks like I am diapering something. I don’t want to diaper my burritos! I feel like I need to break up with that technique, immediamente.

I shall stop talking that nonsense now and talk a different sort of nonsense. Consumables ahoy!

Harry Potter 7.2
Unabashed LOVED IT. So many things about it to love- I’m not even going to get into it. If you are a fan, you know why it rocks, and if you aren’t, my explaining the levels isn’t going to make you care. I think we’re going to see it in the theater again this weekend. I know- my geekometer just blew up.
So much so that I actually think this trailer that recuts HP as if it was a romcom is adorbs.

A Murder of Crows
Our house, like pretty much everyone’s is surrounded by crows. I, unlike most people it seems, like them. I think they are beautiful. Yes, yes, they are a scourge, I know. But really, who are we to talk? We are so the scourgiest. Anyway, this documentary about crows was supah cool. So many interesting things about them, not the least of which is that if you cross one, they will remember your face for literally years. And talk shit about you to their friends.

Modern Views: A documentary on Northwest Architecture
Got 45 minutes to watch something about sweet midcentury Northwest architecture? I do. Delish.

Decoded, by Jay-Z
Beautifully designed book that features essays by Jay-Z on the context and history of hip hop from not every angle, but a lot of angles: political, artistic, historical, cultural. I bought a lot of his arguments, and didn’t buy others. I think fans of Jay-Z would love this, as well as anyone engaged with hip hop culture. Much of the book focuses on close reads and break downs of Jay-Z lyrics.

Other stuff!
Hunger Games movie publicity
Are we concerned about this movie? I am concerned about this movie. I mean, come on. Look at the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Peeta looks like he is a bully from the Karate Kid movies. It just don’t seem right, people.

I am going into my weekend with the blind and unfounded faith that it will be glorious weather and I shall frolic outside with abandon the entire next 48 hours. What? It could happen.

Happy Friday, all.

Passion Pit: Moth’s Wings


  1. Crows, man. I reSPECT the crow. But I don't like them much. There's a crow on my walk home from the bus who has been in so many rumbles that you can see through the middle of both wings for the missing feathers. It follows me along the street, cawing at me from wires and branches and even buzzing my head if I turn my back on it. He or she totally has my number. Sometimes I get so aggravated I shout "NEVERMORE, DUDE!!" But it doesn't help. That crow knows my face.

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