All You Need Is…

On Sunday morning.

Me: Wow, Amy Winehouse died.
Nordic Boy: She did? That’s sad.
Me: Totally sad.

On Sunday night.

Nordic Boy: Did you hear that Amy Winehouse died?
Me: Yeah.
Nordic Boy: I just heard that today…somewhere. Someone told me. I can’t remember.
Me: Sad.
Nordic Boy: Wait. I pretty much didn’t talk to anyone but you today. Was it you who told me?
Me: Yep.
Nordic Boy: And you weren’t going to point that out?
Me: Nah.
Nordic Boy: That’s love right there.
Me: Or laziness.
Nordic Boy: The two keys to a successful relationship.


  1. Very true. We are in love. We are lazy. We haven't broken up yet! : O )PS. Your matter of fact reactions to Amy Winehouse's death is pretty much exactly how we felt. Meh. Didn't she die three years ago? I know. Terrible.

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