Oh Weekend Where Art Thou

Rattling around in my brain today…

I had dinner with Biogirl and HM, and it was one of those fancy places where they only bring you the bread after you have ordered. It’s times like that when I miss the motherloving Olive Garden where it is a nonstop breadstick train as soon as you sit down. Choo choo!

I complained about this to Nordic Boy, which got us into a conversation about restaurants that we thought were way fancy when we were growing up. For instance, I thought Pizza Hut was completely out of reach. Also, when a friend had a birthday and we wanted to save up and splurge on a dinner, it was Olive Garden all the way. The fanciest, by far? Red Lobster, baby. My parents took me there the night I graduated from high school, because it was THAT special.

Met up with a friend of a friend who just moved here from Michigan. Welcome wagon! I adore meeting awesome people, and this one was top shelf.

Nordic Boy and I went for a walk, and we saw this dude riding his bike around the neighborhood, yelling at the top of his voice about some band playing at some nearby venue later that night. He was kicking it town-crier style! I was sort of digging that.

We also went to Radio Shack twice. TWICE. Once to buy something, and once to return something. When we returned our something, they seriously interrogated us, you guys. They apparently needed our phone number and address, and email, and wanted us to take a survey. All because we bought a wrong cord. I want to make a joke about Radio Shack, but I feel like that would be hackneyed, somehow. It’s like making a joke about losing a sock in the dryer.

Ha ha, look at me, thinking that I have big enough britches to avoid hackery. Hack is WHACK, yo.

That’s all I got.


  1. Illinois raised and the Olive Garden merited dressing up in our church clothes and receiving threatening looks from mom if we even thought of stepping out of line at such a top shelf establishment! Don't know if it's a midwestern thing or what, but I feel you.

  2. "Hack is whack" could soooo be a News of the World headline. I'm liking what you did there…PS. word verfication of the day: flartism…oh google, just one less letter and it would have been juvenile snigger city!

  3. OMG! I felt the saaaame way about Pizza Hut. We had this program at our school called Book It! You could read books and eventually get a free PERSONAL pan pizza at Pizza Hut. I thought this was like winning the lottery! I think it's because not only did I not have any concept of money, but also, we didn't eat out a ton growing up. *Everything* felt fancy, you know? Now? That shit is like $10. Lol…

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